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After Five Weeks I Have So Much More Energy

“I was exhausted and an emotional mess. I was on increased medication for depression and was struggling to get a good night’s sleep. I did not have enough energy to keep up with my two young children. Now, I have reduced my medication and I am sleeping well. After 5 weeks I have so much more energy and overall feel like a new person. I am finding my day to day routine much easier and can be a better mother! I have so much more patience. I am looking forward to my continued improvement.”

– A.A.
I Am Finally Pregnant!

“Prior to visiting Dr. Miller, I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told it may be difficult to get pregnant. I always suffered from missed or irregular periods. After starting my nutrition response testing, I began to have regular periods and a little over a year later, I found out that I am pregnant! I am so excited to be on the nutrition plan and under Dr. Miller’s care as I know my baby will be given every opportunity for the best health possible. Also, Dr. Miller has been able to help with providing me supplements to help with morning sickness and fatigue. My pregnancy has been pretty easy this far. I would definitely recommend Dr. Miller to anyone who wants to gain control of their health and who understands that true health doesn’t come from chemicals. There is a better way.”

– S.V.
I’m Finally Losing Weight!

“I was overweight and felt sloppy, inside and out. My cholesterol was very high. My diet was terrible and I was consuming huge amounts of sugar and chocolate. Now, I am finally losing weight and feel much better about how I look. My cholesterol is down 70 points. My diet is much better. I feel back in control. I have balance now. No more binging.”

– J.W.
I Feel the Best I’ve Felt in 20 Years!

“Before I came in to see Dr. Miller, I was in nearly constant pain in my back, requiring at best weekly adjustments. I was exhausted all the time, had difficulty thinking clearly, I didn’t sleep well, and I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. Now I literally feel the best I’ve felt in 20 years! Doing the cleanse transformed my body and my hip. Additionally, finding out several foods that I was sensitive to, then having them detoxed out of my body through the cleanse, has made me feel like a new person. I’ve lost 21 pounds so far. I can sleep well, think clearly, feel more a part of life and have been able to fully participate in the activities that I love doing!”

– A.J.
No More Hot Flashes!

“Before I started the program, I was extremely fatigued and heal blood sugar swings. I had not gotten a period in over a year and the doctor’s solution was just put me on birth control. I decided to try Nutrition Response Testing because my sister had great success. I was a huge sugar addict. I always thought I was a healthy eater until I realized how many grains sugars and artificial sweeteners I was using. Now, I feel like I have my health back. Eight weeks after starting Nutrition Response Testing, I got my period and felt much more energized. I no longer feel like I want to take a nap on the floor around 3pm with no care of who saw me. I definitely feel better overall. My body feels more toned with less fat and I feel happier. Thank you Dr. Miller for helping me take control of my health.”

– C.M.
I Have Been Able to Lose Weight Consistently!

“Before, I was gaining weight, despite my efforts to adjust my diet and exercise. Now, I have learned how to improve my food selections and have been able to lose weight consistently since I began the nutrition program.”

– S.H.