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Pregnancy – Healthy Babies

Before Pregnancy:

At Smart Health, we can help you plan for a healthy pregnancy – even before you become pregnant. Proper nutrition and alignment will help ensure that your body can provide the optimal environment for getting pregnant, helping your developing child and minimizing the risk of many common discomforts and complaints of pregnancy that can result from physical and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy. Creating a natural balance can help overall pregnancy health for you and your baby.

During Pregnancy & Childbirth:

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural, normal experiences. But for many women, the changes in their bodies due to hormones, the weight and position of the growing baby, lifestyle choices, and more can result in damage to the mother’s neuro-musculoskeletal system. Additionally, the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman vary widely depending on her body’s reserves when she became pregnant. Nutrition Response Testing allows individualized analysis of these needs to ensure maximum nutrition for a growing and developing baby.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help to alleviate many of the common discomforts and reduce the risk of damage to a mother’s body by balancing the pelvis, muscles, and ligaments. Chiropractic treatment can result in an easier birth, and also has been reported to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage, control morning sickness, lower the risk of pre-term delivery, and help babies who are in the breech position to turn themselves naturally in preparation for birth.

Infant Health & Wellness:

Regular chiropractic care from your Smart Health professional trained to work with infants is beneficial to your baby’s health and development, alleviating long-term damage that occurs from the trauma of birth and minimizing adverse affects of the rapid growth that occurs in the first year of life.

Chiropractic treatment in infants has been linked to improved nervous system function, better sleep, and the ability to better combat common complaints and illnesses such as colic, allergies, asthma, ear-nose-and-throat disorders, digestive problems, and more.

Healthy pregnancy equals healthy baby. At Smart Health, we love helping mothers and babies enjoy the very best start to a long and healthy life!

Pregnancy – Healthy Babies

What Our Clients Are Saying...

I Am Now Pregnant! “I was experiencing headaches, neck and lower back pain. I was also insulin-resistant and had associated fertility issues. I am now pregnant and my insulin level is normal. My headaches have disappeared and my neck and back pain is significantly improved.” - L.N.