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Delightful Vitamin D

Vitamin D should be a natural part of our everyday diet. However, due to stress, minimal sun exposure, and other dietary factors, we don’t always seem to get enough of this wonderful nutrient. The question is, how much do we require daily for good health and what are the benefits?

When we have plenty of good fats in our diet and enough time in the sun, Vitamin D is the lovely by-product. Good digestion and healthy gall bladder function can assist with absorbing the vitamin. Once this happens, our immune and endocrine systems, bones and muscles can be strengthened. Generally, we need to eat about 800 IU of Vitamin D sources daily for these benefits to start to kick in.

The easiest and best sources of Vitamin D:

Fun in the Sun – about 4 minutes, 2-3 times a week, until skin is pink or light red
Get Fishy – cod liver oil, catfish, salmon, tuna, fish eggs, sardines
Milk It – whole, organic dairy products
Chew the Fat – whole, organic omega fats
Take D Pill – 800 IU daily dosage supplement

Mood swings, dry skin and muscle pain or weakness can be signs there is a Vitamin D deficiency. A blood test can show what is required. Moods can balance and well-being increases with the right amount. Balanced digestion, reduction in pain and increased bone strength and flexibility are some of the many delightful benefits of the right and balanced daily dosage.

Get Vitamin delightful – stretch those muscles, reach for the sources above and reap D benefits! And, remember to have some fun along the way. If you require some assistance, just give us a call at 770-993-5009.