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About Us

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith grew up in a small town near Pelham, Alabama and moved to Canton, Georgia in November of 2007. She has been with Smart Health since July of 2010. Chiropractic and Nutrition services have opened up a whole new world to her. She is passionate about living healthy.

Stephanie Smith

Before joining the Smart Health team, Stephanie had suffered from severe and painful stomach aches. Through Nutrition Response Testing, she was able to heal through a personally tailored program. After the underlying cause was found and her nutrition program adjusted, she has not had another stomach ache! Stephanie also addressed and handled various other non-optimum conditions through nutrition and now tells everyone, “SEE US!” She gets adjusted regularly and as a result, sleeps better and doesn’t experience swelling or pain in her feet like she used to. This allows her to enjoy extra-curricular activities such as painting, reading and missionary work in foreign countries with her church.

Prior to working at Smart Health (formerly Historic Roswell Chiropractic), she worked as a professional photographer. Photography is another area she is also passionate about. Now, she sees optimum health in all her life snapshots.

The right nutrition made all the difference in my overall health. It can be as simple as making some small adjustments – once you know what your dealing with.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“What a sad state of affairs! I was not sleeping well at all. I wasn’t eating, very fatigued, totally depressed with major mood swings. I wanted to stay in bed but had to get up for the kids. I am much better now! Not perfect but continue to improve. I sleep longer. I eat more. I am definitely in a better mood and have more energy. I still have moments or days with anxiety but getting better.” - T.B.